Monday, 17 October 2016

Apple iPhone 8 specifications, Features, Price, Specs

Apple iPhone 8 specifications, Features, Price, Specs- This is the era of Smartphone and perhaps iPhone is the best-known name till now in the world of Smartphones. The market of smart cellular phones is expanding at a rapid rate and these smart, sophisticated devices have secured their place in every nook and corner the world around.  Everyone aspires to possess super smart cellular phone such as Apple iPhone. Today, the mobile phone is not mere a communication device. In the latest versions surprisingly some exclusive features have been added. However, you have to spend a whopping sum of money to get a Smartphone packed with latest features and specifications.
After stepping into a big showroom of multimedia devices not dozens but perhaps hundreds of models are shown to the customers. It is hard to get all specifications in a single model and then the customer's hunt for something special that could be able to cater to all their needs and live up to their highest expectations. Apple iPhone is perhaps the best package that customers desire to have today. Before a new version of apple iPhone, it is very common to see that interested customers flock outside showrooms.  The whopping price tag is not a concern for them; all that they want to possess is the latest version with all the latest features.

Why there is so much Craze for iPhone?

The craze of iPhone is well known and this device has managed to win the heart of numerous customers all over the globe. The customers are impressed with the features and specifications that the latest version of the iPhone provides. Innovators and developers have tried their level best to bring betterment in the upcoming version. It is said that the latest version of apple iPhone 8 would be packed with amazing features and specialties. It is nothing but the package of specifications that would create all the differences.

Apple iPhone 8 specifications 

Apple iPhone 8 specification is believed to be awesome because of several new features would be integrated into this upcoming version. Apple iPhone is highly in demand because of its unique features and latest specifications. All those who have the Penchant for Perfection have started queuing up to secure the latest iPhone.

iPhone 8 Display

The display will come with Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass to an extent. Display is expected to be of 6-6.5 Inches

iPhone 8 Camera

14 MP main camera with 4 MP front camera.

iPhone 8 Memory

it will be 64 GB Variant, 128 GB Variant but the glam will be 256 GB Variant.

iPhone 8 RAM

it would be 8 GB and the device would be very powerful after being powered with 4 GB RAM.

iPhone 8 Battery

18 Hrs of usage on 4G.

Apple iPhone 8 Features

The stacked features of iphone 8 Features are:

6 inch Super OLED Display
Primary Camera : 14 MP
Secondary (Front) Camera : 4 MP
Internal Memory: 16/32/64/128/256 GB
Battery: 2800 mAh Battery; 18 Hours of usage on 4G

Following are believed to have the amazing specifications and features of the apple iPhone 8 version:
It is believed that the battery power would be somewhere around 2700 mah to 3300 mah.
The camera will have the auto focusing, images stabilization capability, 3d 4k resolution. Such features are not easily available in the Smartphone.
The primary camera would be of 14 megapixels whereas the secondary camera would be of 4 megapixels.
The screen would be protected by gorilla glass technology and the memory capacity would be 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. It is well known that external memory card slot is not available in the iPhone versions.
The processor used would be A 10.
Several sensors are believed to be present in the latest version of iPhone 8.
The operating system is ios 11.


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