Monday, 17 October 2016

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs- iPhone 8 is a next generation 5G phone. And this is understandably one of the important reasons why the people across the globe are waiting for its launch quite impatiently. It has fast charging technology and it is likely to have holographic display that makes it way ahead than its contemporary mobile phones and even its previous version.  Although any fixed date regarding release of iPhone 8 has not been official announced, but if the opinions expressed by those who are known to be close to iPhone, are to believed it is almost clear that the late 2017 or early 2018 will be the iPhone 8 release date.  Despite the whopping price tag of iPhone 7, customers are ready to embrace the upcoming version of iPhone 8 with boundless enthusiasm and uncontrolled excitement. But, until the time it is made available in the market, you just keep your fingers crossed.

What Makes iPhone 8 so Special?

This is the era of smart technology and hence Smartphone have secured their place in every pocket.  Thousands of customers flock outside apple stores when the device is launched. Some of them have already booked their device whereas many others are anxiously waiting to book. The craze of iPhone is easily visible in customers who just wait as if any superstar is about to make an entry. Generally the price tag of iPhone is whopping but technology aficionados don’t give much importance to its price tag. They just want to have this iPhone, price being a non-issue.

The reason behind the enormous popularity of iPhone is the combination of its exciting features that is not available with most of other Smartphones of today. Samsung is a big brand but the craze for iPhone is somewhat different that is not ordinary. Customers get lined up outside apple store and anxiously wait for the device to come up in their hand. It is nothing but the set of exciting features that makes versions of iPhone so special and so demanding. Some people see the phone as an optimal gift item and hence anxiously wait for the launch of its new version. The ardent fans of iPhone are present all over the world. You must have heard that consumers with limited budget even dispose off their necessary items to purchase this device.

Is iPhone 8 Expensive?

The enormous price tag of iPhone is never a problem for the consumers. All what they want is quality and features and all these are provided to them only by iPhone. With every new version more and more qualities are integrated into the device that brings betterment in the performance. The launching date of iPhone versions become big news because fans of this device are present all over the world. It is true that everyone amongst us aspires to have new versions of Smartphone but budget is a big problem. Technology aficionado and iPhone enthusiasts strive to arrange for amounts prior to launch date.There are hundreds of models available in the market but iPhone 8 has made special place for itself in the heart of the consumers.


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