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Apple iPhone 8 specifications, Features, Price, Specs

Apple iPhone 8 specifications, Features, Price, Specs- This is the era of Smartphone and perhaps iPhone is the best-known name till now in the world of Smartphones. The market of smart cellular phones is expanding at a rapid rate and these smart, sophisticated devices have secured their place in every nook and corner the world around.  Everyone aspires to possess super smart cellular phone such as Apple iPhone. Today, the mobile phone is not mere a communication device. In the latest versions surprisingly some exclusive features have been added. However, you have to spend a whopping sum of money to get a Smartphone packed with latest features and specifications.
After stepping into a big showroom of multimedia devices not dozens but perhaps hundreds of models are shown to the customers. It is hard to get all specifications in a single model and then the customer's hunt for something special that could be able to cater to all their needs and live up to their highest expectations. Apple iPhone is perhaps the best package that customers desire to have today. Before a new version of apple iPhone, it is very common to see that interested customers flock outside showrooms.  The whopping price tag is not a concern for them; all that they want to possess is the latest version with all the latest features.

Why there is so much Craze for iPhone?

The craze of iPhone is well known and this device has managed to win the heart of numerous customers all over the globe. The customers are impressed with the features and specifications that the latest version of the iPhone provides. Innovators and developers have tried their level best to bring betterment in the upcoming version. It is said that the latest version of apple iPhone 8 would be packed with amazing features and specialties. It is nothing but the package of specifications that would create all the differences.

Apple iPhone 8 specifications 

Apple iPhone 8 specification is believed to be awesome because of several new features would be integrated into this upcoming version. Apple iPhone is highly in demand because of its unique features and latest specifications. All those who have the Penchant for Perfection have started queuing up to secure the latest iPhone.

iPhone 8 Display

The display will come with Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass to an extent. Display is expected to be of 6-6.5 Inches

iPhone 8 Camera

14 MP main camera with 4 MP front camera.

iPhone 8 Memory

it will be 64 GB Variant, 128 GB Variant but the glam will be 256 GB Variant.

iPhone 8 RAM

it would be 8 GB and the device would be very powerful after being powered with 4 GB RAM.

iPhone 8 Battery

18 Hrs of usage on 4G.

Apple iPhone 8 Features

The stacked features of iphone 8 Features are:

6 inch Super OLED Display
Primary Camera : 14 MP
Secondary (Front) Camera : 4 MP
Internal Memory: 16/32/64/128/256 GB
Battery: 2800 mAh Battery; 18 Hours of usage on 4G

Following are believed to have the amazing specifications and features of the apple iPhone 8 version:
It is believed that the battery power would be somewhere around 2700 mah to 3300 mah.
The camera will have the auto focusing, images stabilization capability, 3d 4k resolution. Such features are not easily available in the Smartphone.
The primary camera would be of 14 megapixels whereas the secondary camera would be of 4 megapixels.
The screen would be protected by gorilla glass technology and the memory capacity would be 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. It is well known that external memory card slot is not available in the iPhone versions.
The processor used would be A 10.
Several sensors are believed to be present in the latest version of iPhone 8.
The operating system is ios 11.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs- iPhone 8 is a next generation 5G phone. And this is understandably one of the important reasons why the people across the globe are waiting for its launch quite impatiently. It has fast charging technology and it is likely to have holographic display that makes it way ahead than its contemporary mobile phones and even its previous version.  Although any fixed date regarding release of iPhone 8 has not been official announced, but if the opinions expressed by those who are known to be close to iPhone, are to believed it is almost clear that the late 2017 or early 2018 will be the iPhone 8 release date.  Despite the whopping price tag of iPhone 7, customers are ready to embrace the upcoming version of iPhone 8 with boundless enthusiasm and uncontrolled excitement. But, until the time it is made available in the market, you just keep your fingers crossed.

What Makes iPhone 8 so Special?

This is the era of smart technology and hence Smartphone have secured their place in every pocket.  Thousands of customers flock outside apple stores when the device is launched. Some of them have already booked their device whereas many others are anxiously waiting to book. The craze of iPhone is easily visible in customers who just wait as if any superstar is about to make an entry. Generally the price tag of iPhone is whopping but technology aficionados don’t give much importance to its price tag. They just want to have this iPhone, price being a non-issue.

The reason behind the enormous popularity of iPhone is the combination of its exciting features that is not available with most of other Smartphones of today. Samsung is a big brand but the craze for iPhone is somewhat different that is not ordinary. Customers get lined up outside apple store and anxiously wait for the device to come up in their hand. It is nothing but the set of exciting features that makes versions of iPhone so special and so demanding. Some people see the phone as an optimal gift item and hence anxiously wait for the launch of its new version. The ardent fans of iPhone are present all over the world. You must have heard that consumers with limited budget even dispose off their necessary items to purchase this device.

Is iPhone 8 Expensive?

The enormous price tag of iPhone is never a problem for the consumers. All what they want is quality and features and all these are provided to them only by iPhone. With every new version more and more qualities are integrated into the device that brings betterment in the performance. The launching date of iPhone versions become big news because fans of this device are present all over the world. It is true that everyone amongst us aspires to have new versions of Smartphone but budget is a big problem. Technology aficionado and iPhone enthusiasts strive to arrange for amounts prior to launch date.There are hundreds of models available in the market but iPhone 8 has made special place for itself in the heart of the consumers.

iPhone 8 Price | iPhone 8 Price in India | USA | UK

iPhone 8 Price | iPhone 8 Price in India | USA | UK - The craze for Apple iPhone is well known. The lovers of apple iPhone  are anxiously waiting  for the launch of the new model of the iPhone series. Such craze and demand are not commonly seen for other appliances and electronic items. It is quite surprising to see that people or the customers wait for several hours outside the apple iPhone stores queuing up for a considerable amount of time in order to book their gadget at the earliest. Most of them belong to well to do family but the enormous craze for iPhone is such that it is not known to have any boundary despite the fact that this device is very expensive and most importantly it is not going to be made available in few days. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on this handheld device is not very common. Rather, only a handful number of customers have such financial capability.

Is iPhone 8 Available at Affordable Price?

Innovative iPhone models have a staggering price tag. The customers who have shoestring budget should not opt for apple iPhone models because they are extremely pricey.  It is obvious that the phone that is packed with so many features will cost hundreds of dollars. The innovative technology that is present in the iPhone 8 makes it quite special and not within the financial reach of everyone.  The phone is designed and manufactured in such a manner that it would not take several hours to charge the battery. The exciting feature of retina and fingerprint scanning is also present in the phone. Needless to mention here that apple iPhone has competition with Samsung galaxy series that offers somewhat same features.

Are the Features of iPhone 8 worth its Price?

 The customers who are intending to purchase apple iPhone 8 are comfortable with the price tag because if your budget is tight, then there is no point of purchasing this expensive device and other options are very much available before you. The attractive color display and other features make the customers comfortable with the price tag. It is important to note that official dates would be announced very soon that would contain all necessary information about the proposed price tag of the apple iPhone in India.

There are lots of rumors about the apple iPhone 8 but you will get clear cut specifications and complete information once the device is formally launched into the market. Everything is intricately designed and very special; whether it is a screen, camera, body color, specifications, battery power, and operating system. In a true sense you will find it to be a true Smartphone and given the features that the iPhone 8 has, its price is not prohibitively expensive.

iPphone 8 Price 

You must confirm the price tag from authorized sources but it is believed that the iPhone 8 price will be somewhere around 1100 dollars or 70000 INR. The price of the device is different in different countries. In China, Canada, Dubai, Japan, Indonesia the price range is somewhat same but interested customers should collect valid and authentic information prior placing their order of apple iPhone.

Iphone 8 Features | Specs | Concept Design

Iphone 8 Features | Specs | Concept Design- Iphone 8 – Packed with Exciting Features.The craze of iphone is apparently visible in customers. There are many consumers who do not give importance to whopping price tag of product and all what they want is just quality. There are umpteen models present in the market of Smartphone but Iphone is not in the ordinary row. The consumers are happy to pay staggering amount for iphone. If consumers are ready to pay heavy amount then there must be some reasons behind it. You must be wondering what those reasons are? The foremost reason is quality. It is the benchmark and the second reason is exciting features.

Why Iphone 8 is so Special?

Every year not dozens but hundreds of new models are launched into the market. In developing and developed countries you will probably find very few people not using Smartphone. But only handful number of people among them possesses iphone. Most of us are waiting for the new version of iphone i.e., iphone 8 with bated breath. But one thing that the general people want to know is what are the attributes associated with this Iphone that make it so special and create that much curiosity Thousand numbers of peoples are waiting for release date of iPhone 8 because the design is too attractive rather then else .

No doubt that earlier versions of Iphone-- whether iphone 6 or iphone 7 were also very impressive handsets, endowed with good number of features and facilities. But technology aficionados and enthusiasts wait for new models to arrive in the hope that the new version will always be better than the previous one. If you are among those who are anxiously waiting for iPhone 8 to arrive or get launched in the market then it is important to know about its exciting features in detail:

Apple iphone 8 Features

It is one of the key for specification of Apple that they come up with handsets that are unique and durable.
Battery power of iphone 8 is believed to be somewhere between 2700 MAH to 3300 MAH
The camera of this handset is believed to have superb focusing quality and of high resolution. It is believed that iphone 8 will have the camera capacity of 14 megapixels. The front camera that is used to capture Selfie will be of 4 megapixels.
There are numerous color ranges in which this device would be made available to consumers such as silver, gold, space grey and rose gold.
Along with the gorilla glass, there would be the presence of eye scanner and fingerprint scanner. One of the most exciting features of Iphone  is retina display.
The memory capacity would be 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes.
The operating system would be Ios 11
The processor is believed to be A10
The screen display would be somewhere between 6.2 to 6.5
It is believed to have extra feature of retina display is also present in this upcoming device.
Most amazing sensors are barometer, dust proof, shock proof, thermometer, and compass.
The video recording can be done in different formats such as 2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90 fps.

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Apple iPhone 8 Images | Pictures | Wallpaper | video

Apple iPhone 8 Images | Pictures | Wallpaper | video- Yes, we are aware of that iPhone 7 has just released. But still in this year Apple is giving iterative upgrades, numerous Apple users are already looking forward to the iPhone 8 release date. The next year 2017 is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary of the iPhone, that Steve Jobs on 9 January 2007, it was released later that year on June 29. In this occasion,  there was rumour spread that Apple has been holding some of the most awaited features for next year. Which many iPhone users is expecting to be called the iPhone 8? We have surveyed all the latest rumours and leaked news, so if you are not impressed by the iPhone 7's latest features, you are very soon will come to know the next year's update has in store.

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Features:

Specifications & FeaturesApple iPhone 8 Specs
Battery Power8+: 2700 mAh 8+: 3300 mAh
Camera FeaturesAuto focus, Optical image stabilization, rapid charging, Wireless Charging, 3D-4K Resolution, Live Photo
Camera – Primary14 MP Primary Camera
Camera – Front Facing4 MP Front-Facing Camera
ColorsSilver/Space Grey/Gold/Rose Gold
FeaturesOLED, Gorilla, Eye+Fingerprint Scanner, Retina Display
Memory(16/32/64/128/256) GB
Operating SystemiOS 11, upgradable to iOS 11.3.2
Price$1200 USD, 1069.38 Euro, 827.07 GBP
Release DateQ-4, 2017
Screen Display6.2” – 6.5” 4K screen corning, retina display
SensorsBarometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, SPO2, thermometer
Video Recording2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90 fps

iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone Images

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Display Images

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Images

iPhone 8 Pictures

Apple iPhone 8 Images

iPhone 8 Flexible Images

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple iPhone 1 release date : June 29, 2007
Apple iPhone 2 release date : June 2008
Apple iPhone 3G release date : June 8, 2009
Apple iPhone 3GS release date : June 19, 2009
Apple iPhone 4 release date : June 24, 2010
Apple iPhone 4s release date : October 4, 2011
Apple iPhone 5c release date : September 20, 2013
Apple iPhone 5s release date : September 20, 2013
Apple iPhone 6 & 6+ release date : September 9, 2014
Apple iPhone 6s & 6s+ release date : September 9, 2015
Apple iPhone 7 release date : 9 September 2016
Apple iPhone 8 release date : Quarter-4, 2016

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